Benefits of Using a Mobile Crane rather than a Fixed or Tower Crane

Centro Crane Hire specialise in mobile crane hire. Our fleet includes the Grove 220t All Terrain Crane and the Franna 25t Pick and Carry Crane. Both are very mobile and capable cranes, We often get asked what the benefits are of using a mobile crane over a fixed crane? There are several key reasons you should consider having a more portable crane solution on site. The benefits of using mobile cranes:

The key reason for using a mobile crane is it’s very easy to manoeuvre around your site. Perth is an urban environment and there can often be multiple hazards and obstructions when performing a lift. A mobile crane is ulna-portable and capable to fit into narrow streets and entrance spaces. Static cranes can often take up too much space and sometimes are simply not able to fit into the work site available. A mobile crane is usually the ideal solution. 

Quick to set up.
Mobile cranes can easily be located and positioned on a work site. A fixed tower crane requires a lot more planning and is not so forgiving if you get your measurements or placement incorrect. Time is money and the speed of set up is essential when working on construction projects.

Mobile Cranes Need Less Space
A mobile crane does not require a designated large space or footprint. It can easily be moved out of the way if building supplies or other machinery needs to be placed on the construction site.

Stronger than you think
Centro Cranes Mobile cranes are capable of performing heavy lifting tasks up to 220t. Our cranes have heavy duty axles and innovative hydraulic power capable of lifting loads o large heights. Weight is not an issue. Just give us a call to discuss your lift. We have trained crane operators available.

Cost Efficient
Probably the most overwhelming argument to have a mobile crane over a fixed crane is that it will save you money. Fixed cranes take time to set up and require trained staff to erect these. You will need to pay people to do this. Mobile cranes can perform a task and leave in a fraction of the time.

In conclusion it is definitely worth using a mobile crane for the majority of lifts. Many construction, engineering and mining companies will now always opt for a mobile crane where possible.

If you have a lift that is approaching then please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements. No job is too small or to big contact us today

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