Centro Crane Hire - Planning your crane lift

A well planned lift can save you time and money. A good lift plan will also help ensure that maximum safety is carried out on the lift. Below Centro Cranes have outlined some important factors to consider when carrying out a lift.

Load Description
It is important to consider the materials you will be lifting to ensure that it is carried out safely. Calculate the weight and height before carrying out a lift. Make sure that the materials that are bing lifted will be attached securely and that the centre of gravity of the load is maintained to avoid any unwanted swinging or movement.

Site Inspection
Inspection of the site is usually necessary before a lift takes place. This will ensure that access is suitable and if there are any obstructions. Visiting the site will also let you decided where would be the best place to position the crane and allow you to check on ground conditions.

Selecting the Right Crane For The Job
There are a wide selection of crane types and the choice of crane will vary depending on the type of lift that is being undertaken. Centro Crane Hire are able to advise our customers on the best crane for the job. Using the right crane will help prevent accidents on site and let you get the job done in the most efficient way.

Competent Team
Ensuring that everyone is aware of their roles on the lift site is essential. Centro Crane Hire can help manage and perform your lift.

An experienced and qualified team of crane operators will ensure the following:

  • That the crane is transported to site and assembled correctly
  • Will check the crane is working effectively before the lift. The team will also make regular maintenance and repairs of cranes
  • Will communicate clearly to ensure the maximum safety of people, the load and surrounding buildings
  • The team will ensure that the crane is left safely at the end of each working day.
  • The team will De-rig or remove the crane if it is no longer required.

Centro Cranes are able to organise every element of your lift. We provide crane hire across Perth, Western Australia.

Please feel free to contact Centro Cranes with any questions you may have about your upcoming lift. Call us on 0477 006 160 or request a quote

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