Centro Crane Hire - Lifting & hoisting safety recommended practice

A crane is a very versatile and important piece of equipment. Cranes are capable of lifting large loads and weight. When working with cranes it is essential to remember safety procedures are undertaken when moving heavy loads across the worksite.

Centro Cranes has highlighted some safety points and advice to consider when working around cranes.


- It is important to plan your lift. If circumstances or weather conditions change during the lift then make sure you stop and evaluate the lift to ensure that the correct safety procedures are taken.
- Identify hazards and any risks while planning your lifting.
- Select a lift method, equipment and number of people required to ensure the lift runs smoothly and safely.
- Ensure that personel working on the lift are weraing suitable safety gear including high visibility clothing, helmets, gloves and boots.

- Designate a person to take charge of the lifting operation. The person in charge should review the lift plan and ensure that the required controls are in place while the lift is carried out
- Test visual and radio communications prior to the lift.
- make sure everyone is clear of their duties and individual responsibilities during the lift.
- Make sure people in the lift area are clear of overhead loads and areas of potential risk.

- Ensure that all personnel involved in planning/performing lifting and maintaining lifting equipment are correctly trained and competent for their role. Centro Cranes are able to assist with trained staff and crane operators if required.
- Refresher training and periodic assessment is necessary to assure competence of your crane operators.

- Centro Cranes carry out regular inspections, maintenance and certification of our vehicles. Our cranes are checked before each contracted lift.
- Please ensure the load does not exceed dynamic and/or static capacities of the lifting equipment
- Make sure loads are stable and appropriately connected before your lift.

Please feel free to contact Centro Cranes with any questions you may have about your upcoming lift. Call us on 0430 904 155 or request a quote

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