Health & Safety

Underpinning  everything we do at Centro Crane Hire, is our unwavering  commitment to safety on the job.

We  have a “talk the talk, walk the walk” attitude towards work place health and safety. Our goal is that everyone goes home, every day safely, in the same state they came to work. We are committed to providing a work place culture where safety is at the fore front of what we do. 

All Centro Crane Hire employees or stake holders should feel able to speak up on any issue regarding safety, with out fear of reprisal for doing so.

Centro Crane Hire maintain professional  membership of our industry association. Through this  as well as  open discourse with industry peers and suppliers, the pro-active engagement of our own personnel and the implementation of robust  safety systems  in a “just culture” environment, Centro Crane  Hire have created a workplace safety culture to be proud of.

All  of our personnel have the relevant high risk licences to perform the work they undertake and  we have a pro-active, personnel development programme which ensures that our employees skills  are periodically reviewed and our employees “up skilled” when able.  Centro Crane Hire recognise the importance of industry training and continual improvement. 

Any temporary or short term labour hire personnel engaged by Centro Crane Hire are expected to meet the same high standards we set for our direct employees.

Regular preventative maintenance scheduling, ensures that all of our cranes and equipment undergo periodical checks and servicing to reduce the likely hood of mishaps of failure on site.

Our excellent track record speaks for it’s self:

  •  LTI since operations commenced: 0   
  •  MTIs since operations commenced: 0
  •  Environmental incidents: 0 


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